Thursday, Beauty day

Hey, I’m gonna write in English too somedays in order to engage with entry world wide people.

Here It goes my new tip wich point is the beauty rituals. When I went to University I used to do beauty days with my flat mate, Monica, on every Thursday. Since this time I’ve continued the same routin. Moni, if you read me, you have to know that every week I remember that awesome way we embellished hair, hands, nails, and so. It was fun.

All the rituals we followed were focused on hair colored, manicures, depilate the body and the most important 3 steps for the perfect skin face: cleaning, tone and  moisturizing. All the things we did to be up for the weekend. We was teen! Starting our twenties… What good memories.

Nowadays I’m still taking care of my body and also my soul. Now I do with new and improved methods and products. I’ll talk about it in next weeks. However the base of keeping the wellbeing and good appearence is practically the ritual’s constancy.

For example, for those girls that are quite an artists and brave to auto colored their own hair (I am included) I recommend to use L’Oréal Prodigy coloration. It’s easy to apply and gives the impression of professional ending. So it’s well known that the outcome is like a  having your own hairstylist at home.

Well I must admit I follow the master of coloration, Johnny Ramirez, an authentic  artist for me, and for most…

Keep tunned every Thursday to get the best  top secrets of Art, beauty and fashion.

20 minutes before:



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