Every details count

Getting home and smell the warm and harmonious fragrance enveloping the ambient, that’s been delicately chosen for that moment it’s a detail. A detail to feel me welcomed while breathing the air moved from closing the door. A detail to be tanks for. I thank it to myself such as who makes itself a present.

I like the people who care about the details. They make me feel comfortable. They are so observant that let you with an open mouth for a while with their new and sophisticated styles, ways and moods, perfect combinations, little details that turns bigger their looks. However these people let narrow margins to unexpected event, to chaos.

The conjunction creativity and order in an ambient, or in an outfit is like that a painkiller to my soul. In fashion that’s what we say trending. Every season of the year goes within their own mathematics. For those who live every period like a party and change the wardrobe in each fur shedding, tendencies and dresses change like people do year after year. So we chose new key garment for the season, we like the new Pantone color accessories or at least, we have it in mind in order to go out to the street with somewhat style. To see someone walking through with awesome street style it’s a detail worthy to admire. And pleasant to view.

For fashionistas Christmas starts on December 1st. Before that Corte Inglés advertisement campaign in Spain! We decorate our homes at Puríssima day off, a three day weekend or vacations for a few, if it’s in the middle of the week. Anyway we bought the presents and envelope that with golden paper and we put a red flower lace and then, under the Christmas tree, the night before of Santa visits us. To want have all the episodes with fun and paying attention to those around us it’s a detail that probably it will feel fine and important to those who are at home. And also to those who observe them.

If somebody observers you, viewing you, knowing your tastes and interests, the kind of staff you bring, your style, and the most important, is able to realize about you and most of all knows how to make you surprised… That is a very big detail. And if in the top it all , this person have prepared a present for you, without being noticed, it’s all a detall that tells… Tells about this person.

The little ones are who view the details because for the first time they are impressed, surprised by somewhat  interesting, something unknowed for them. Despite of this not much beyond of this initial years of life when all is new and do interest, we all have a little child inside whom it’s possible to print a happy smile on face with a simple gesture, a glance, an open hand, and a detail. And if not, who is that doesn’t look under the Christmas tree to check their present, although it were a simple detail?
 Photo detail: the outfit is makeup by Cristina Gavioli black fur coat, Furla pinc bag, Prada sunglasses, Chanel cosmetics make up and shoes from Just Fab.


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