Last minute… The Christmas magic 

When Christmas arrive something in the air is changing. Streets are shining, people walking through with their families, decorated trees with all over the streets turn pleasant the way while we enjoy the walking. Shops are almost everyday opened and the cold and white wintercom is breaking with colorful Christmas flowers, colors and light in our houses. Golden sparkles revitalize the view wherever we look at.

Today it’s guessed that all presents for the loveones and the ultimate details are under control. Food and champagne is in the fridge, presents are  perfectly enveloped and ready to be around the tree. However we all have the last minute necessities, duties and we hesitate if we must change something such as the dress to wear at tonight dinner or tomorrow lunch. Or may be we are not convinced at all with the tights that combine better with the pretty sandals we bought for the occasion… Some questions like these are usual persisting inside our heads and we don’t stop questioning things like may I should change the sandals for my favorite pumps? Or may be, is it better to bring a charm bag or a clutch? And other things about the perfume and the make up that we will use to complet the perfect outfit… Because we know that if we change something of the look, the rest of all must have to go according to it. OMG! We are an authentic fashionistas.

As it’s well known that at the last moment we all have some insecurities and questions about whatever we wear, aimed by the desire to be the sense of the event and that our style will succeed and generate as much likes as possible, at the end we make some little changes. And here is where we suggest the key that will represents our taste, glamour and the best of ourselves for those days.

Today we all woke up in a different way. And we didn’t imagine that all we had planning for the day is not as similar as we thought. That’s due to suddenly when Christmas holidays arrive we feel quite different from what we ever imagined. We feel the magic on the air.
Fortunately all these things can be easily resolved. First of all we have to realize that this last minute excitation is happening and that it’s absolutely normal. That state depends on 3 stages. The first, we have to delimitate the event. Where are we going to assist? To a cozy or a formal family dinner, a brunch or a luch? Do we have a party with friends or a special night with our loved one? 

The second thing we have to keep in mind are the values of Coco Chanel that left to us to be remembered in moments like this. A woman has to feel comfortable wearing clothes without giving up the elegance. What it makes the distinction. And we also can remember two stylish recommendations form Carolina Herrera. On the one hand she says that if we wearing a good bag and shoes there is no reason to worry about the style, that’s the most important elements in a look in her opinion. She says that with this must haves even combined with a trousers and a blouse the outcom is great impact generated with the outfit. On the other hand Carolina also says that before leaving home it’s very important to review ourselves in front of the mirror and pay attention to the accessories and the hole outfit. She says that always there is one thing that doesn’t make a favor to the look and we must remove it from our outfit of that day.

The thirst stage we have to be in consideration instead of had being preparing all the things to wear for so many days before is the mood we have today. That determines the last minute purchases. If we feel that something is wrong with all past choises when the Christmas day finally is come, sure we definitely will make some changes to complete the outfit or at least, part of it. 

Fortunately there are some clues that we can follow in order to keep the nerves on the line. We can think about recent experiences and samples if we have to. And if not, the easiest and the most effective way to ensure  the outfit is picking up in the fashion blogs like this and follow our favorites list for the last minute.

Here I’m going to give my last minute wish list for a classy and stylish woman to assist a family Chistmas lunch or dinner . The proposal it’s a bit formal outfit that will work as well to the end of the day when the perfect dress is right for a night party after with friends. That’s the magic of Christmas.

Black and gold Long Sleeve Lace dress from Marchesa Noitte.

Nordstrom bar collar necklace.

Woldford “Claire” Lacy tights.

Christian Louboutin”Señora” T-strap open toe pump  


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