Start Anew


We almost are at the end of the year. Now It’s the moment to make the earnings and losings balance. Diminish whatever we have got and what we lose. And silently we hope the remain is all that we need today and think that the outcome is good and feel thankful for that. It’s said that if something is stolen or loosen or even if someone fades away from our lives, that is because we won’t use it anymore and we just can not learn from each other ever… And I don’t know if it’s true because there were something inside of me that was much more than just a “thing”. And there are some things that represents more than stuff, but emotions and memories, pieces of the past keeping in beauty boxes. Sometimes the lose hurts. However, thinking it better other times we feel ourselves less heavier for having loosen it. Anywhere, we have the change to start anew in front of us. And we must get it like a goal and planning improvements in our lifestyles, changing our points of view and our existences like if life gives to us a second change.


There are some things and a few persons that come back after that… Past turns into a new present. May be is it because we don’t finish to learn altogether yet? We let’s see next year, that starts in a day! And if not, we all have the rest of our whole life to finding it out.


Now I am going to talk about to start anew focusing on 3 laws that should help us to do it right, with celerity and feeling calm inside… Like when the Great Gatsby started to throw all the shirts he had on in the wardrobe away from the hole of the stairs of his mansion.

_DSC0384 _DSC0386


The first is the organization law that talks about the premise of replacing things. The law says that if a thing enter, then the same old thing leaves. The point is have it all well-organized, avoiding collections of usefulness staff, and a lot of similar kind of things. And to have it all separately by colors, kinds or groups in a baskets help to this aim too.

The zen laws are the second. It’s focused on having enough space between things in indoors and wardrobes in order to keep them all visible, reachable and allowing to decision-making. For this law it’s important the feeling that the inside breaths. What it means a few pieces of clothes and having it all well-organized leaving empty spaces to compensate the harmony and let the eyes relaxed when looking at this.

Finally the third law is provided by Queen B (Blair Waldorf) with one of her famous mottos of Gossip Girl soap opera. She inspired to me and still now does every day… Well her character does and Eric Daman’s style do for the show.  In one chapter she says that “people don’t need to wear the same last year clothes even though fortunately they still fit in”.

_DSC0342 _DSC0374


We all are thirst of new love affairs, wishes, desires, some kind passionating that pull us to grow up, create and love again and again. So that now we have the yearly opportunity to celebrate the new year coming and feel like Gatsby and Daisy, in a place that’s a Palace where glamour is on the earth on with we walk through with two heels supporting the vintage styling with all large pearls collars, fur coats and shinning dresses while drinking French champagne, laughing and filtering. I’m sure that if Gatsby were here he must drive that Range Rover and invites us in his glamorous party for this night,at his exclusive house . The question is will  Daisy find her Gatsby or will she start anew?


I wish you a Happy New 2016 Year !



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