Mother, dad I’ve to tell you something…The magic kings are true existing

Magic Kings Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar gave three presents to Jesus kid: myrrh, incense and gold. Whose means a present he wanted (I guess Jesus kid), another to wear it and another that he needed.

It’s clear that the gold was the one that his modest family needed. Incense was a perfume to wear, and the myrrh such as spice with licorice flavor, somewhat to taste.

From my youngness I pointed to my good taste. And since my parents let me choose according to my growing, I always looked at the best… The expensive things called my attention. That doesn’t mean that’s the best. But above all, there is nothing given away. However, sometimes the best can not be measured by the amount of money someone is able to spend, but being different can, and also being a celebrity or recognized (or not) designers.

When I make  artistic rolling skate when I was young, I caught up in the number ones. They were the biggest, the masters of the floor. They didn’t skate, they danced. They didn’t jump, but fled like birds.

Last Saturday I saw how Javier Fernández won the ice skating world competition and I realized of that, much more, if possible. Yuzuru Hanyu was the second position and in the third place went for Denis Ten. And I thought: they are the kings! They make magic with their quadruple jumps.

From art to art and form period to period, today I am captivated by fashion kings. They do handmade  delicate embroideries and embellish the robes with pearls and stones such as that clothes were destined to kings. And much times they do go. king’s dresses for queens.


 The dress of the picture is from Zuhair Murad.

In this same line of fantasy (in my words) Elie Saab or the Spanish Óscar de la Renta let us without words, without pluse because they squander love and unselfish delicious in their sewings.

My favorite king, Mr. Valentino or the one who is for our Queen Letitia, Felipe Varela, they both follow a straighter line approaching to a style between minimal and bourgeois.


And in the same game play with another style, straight lines, volumed and sublimated flounces and primary colors our Spahish David Delfin (above). Like him Michael Khors and Karl Lagerfeld combine the reveal and youthful style. They let to leave the child inside them.

This year I wrote my wishes letter on my blog to innovate. But I keep the costumes of my culture that are focused on the three magic kings and their travel through the world in order to distribute the presents house by house.
For this year I asked 3 wishes according to the argument of Jesus Kid’s 3 presents. The first I want is a pass to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of Madrid 2016. I want it. And it’s well-known that I asked for all media possible. There was only one change to get it: to ask for it to the 3 magic kings. The second wish must be something to wear… So that, I ask a high heels pumps that must go on with me at the Fashion Week, and a body chain bag combined with shoes, if possible (in that case my King must consider the hole as a present). And my last wish have to be something that I must need. I think a vacation will work well to my health after that hard labour of blogging all the FW. I would like to go to Maldives, but Punta Cana also sounds good…


… Allways that going with this Óscar de la Renta silk dress , made for that occasion. Sure!





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