New posting rutines of my blog

It’s time to welcoming the new year, once Christmas holidays have been finished. To open new horizons and enlarge expectations. There is who starts a detox diet, who sign up to a gym to lose the extra kilos to be prepared for the summertime. Everyone with its objectives set for this year and its emotions will move to make one action or another.

Since I stated writing that blog two months ago I published posts on Thursday. And on days alternatives I wrote the translation to English of some posts. So that truly I have visitors from here but also from other parts of the world. For those I write in English, because they notice me their appreciation through statistics. Which results are very enthusiastic for me and make me feel proud of my work.

I wrote that shorter post to inform of new posting routines. Yesterday I posted a tip of fashion sales in Spanish. And I hope to have time today to translate it also. This post that I am working right now is written because in those 12 weeks from my blog existing I see myself mad of love for new tendencies and for sprint-summer tendencies’s fresh air coming.

For that reason I see myself almost obligated (actually it’s my desire because I enjoy writing for you) to increase the posting publications. And in addiction the support that you give me indirectly through statistics pull me to do it with more motivation than ever.

Thank you visitors, readers and followers of my blog and my Instagram account!

The frequency official posting is been duplicated since last week. From now every Thursday and every Tuesday there will be fashion, personal care and beauty posts. On Thursdays I am going to show my run away favorites, pret-a-porter clothes and my own street style. And on Tuesdays I will dedicate a part of my time to show you my beauty secrets, brand and product collaborations, such as my critic about it, its multiple uses, tricks and applications.


It’s possible that some week I feel multiple loves, that my heart beats to 1000 per hour and even I have last minute falling in love. Don’t worry. My posts are going on increasing always. But I promise to advise you the same day I make an official post saying !extra post!
And for more,  that days I will publish the translations in order of avoiding losing the opportunity to reach you. And also every day (or almost) I post #thepicoftheday on Instagram. So that I look forward you to visit me here on the blog and there on Instagram!

For me there is one thing more gratifying than feel beauty, cared and young… That’s to transfer those grate values to all of you.

By the way did I mention that I love fashion?
Happy Sunday and till next translation.

And if you read the Spanish ones, till Tuesday!


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