The good and the best of sales 

We already are at usual normal times and in winter. We have 3 cold months coming like the tendencies are in the shops and allover the streets. So that I show a several clothes that its worth to invest with, because they are new trending, timeless useful, at a middle view, and for all budgets. However you know where I do look at, in general…   

I must say that I obviated those tendencies that start to go downward and in my opinion we feel like boring such as platforms, fringes, fur and in measure of possible, I avoid choosing animal prints… So that, let’s go to start sales?

Above all, at the moment of choosing clothes I guided by 2016 Pantone color, Quartz pink. Even though we are in winter, we also have started a new year. What it means that these clothes will work well for next fall-winter season and in addition we can wear it till spring blossoms. Without being out of fashion.

My first choice has focused in 7 kinds of clothes which I felt love at first sight and, in my opinion, they deserve their respective placement in our wardrobe: coats, dresses, specially the cocktail ones, from variety and big brands, bloues, lingerie, shoes, accessories and bags.

However, before of buying somewhat we must review if we count with some oft hat staff that we should keep reachable, as our wardrobe basics. Please, avoiding having a collection of the same kind of clothe or doubled accessories and make the investment in something new, long lasting and desirable.

Fabniana Filippi

I like to have in my winter wardrobe  basic clothes such as blazers, cashmere jerseys, some jean, blouses, skirts and boots over the knee. And also I’m loosen by bags and accessories. I can not obviate them out. So that I left them by the end of the write because a lot of them will end being fetch object to which rarely can resist. And much less if we were following since it was showed in a run away.

In case we already have got these basics and they still fit well, spotlight our silhouette, give to us a touch of chic and they still in good state, we definitively keep them with us. And of they are must-have of our favorite brands… So much better!

Let’s go with coats in all its versions to start. That’s the winter star clothe, which are long lasting and grateful of buying. So that if we chose neutral colors and shaves, that would help us to create diary outfits for its high creative possibilities… Et voilà! Here we have a treasure that will save in almost every event. And if we can allow to buy more from one, it’s sure that they won’t fail us.


Jenneth Cole New York




Cinzia Rocca DUE


Steve Madden


Eliza J




Trina Turk


3×2 NYC


Eliza J


Now I am going to show you the coolest Lady style dresses. A selection’s proposal from 2015-16 winter season. They were chosen keeping in mind the Pantone color of this year as a reference, appreciating timeless finishes of clothes such as lace, silk robes, embellishments with stones… Also I guided by my instinct. If before I threw away long time tendencies that have massive acceptance yet, now I have the pre-feeling of renewed seventies tendencies have come to stay a couple of years more. They are; front lasso crewed by cords, crop tops combined with skirts above the umbilicus and feminine bowed ties that gives a kind of masculinity to the outfits. 


Addriana Papell




Eliza J


Addriana Papell


Alfred Sung


Bince Camutto


Addriana Papell


Proenza Schouler


Vineyard Vines




Aidan by Aidan Mattox


Óscar de la Renta


Charls Henry


We are going to see some key blouses now. As I mentioned I toke only those that work good as a basic wardrobe to have and that give a lot of ways of playing the interchanging couples’s game… Despite the tendencies are going on winning place in the market or even if they change totally. That kind of blouses and chamises are a wise choice when deciding to have one of that.




Burberry London


Marc Jacobs


Rag & Bone


Beauty is inside. I mean when making decisions about what kind of lingerie must buy. Here is where we can give our mind the freedom to bring to light our deepest fantasies and enter into some-kind sublime. We go deep into the inner woman’s world.








Alexander McQueen

That bra deserves to be observed from various views and to be the spotlight for being a true art creation, made with die-cut leather with sinuous shapes that join perfectly like two magnets with the dress from the same fashion designer:


Another tendency settle down also on winter yet is the hat, that had come to stay here another winter. It’s worth to have at least one of that. The secret here is knowing when wear one or another and according to the event and the outfit as well. I chose neutral colors and dark because they contrast with blonde or clearer light’s sparkles on hire. My criteria and my experience remember to me that always we must find the contrast.




Sole Society


Collection XIIX




L. Erickson


And once arrived in that point let’s go to see some fetch objects, appreciated for much of us, the bags and shoes. To get one of them will be a very investment in a large-time. Above all if we are a bag or shoes collectors .


Kate Spade New York


Rebecca Minkoff


Rag & Bone


Tory Burch






Ivanka Trump


Nine West



Do you know why it’s said that one of the best women pleasures are buying shoes? The answer is because every pair of shoes does represent an emotion, a mood, while the moment we need to go for buying shoes. And also because there will fit next year!

And here finish my favorites sale list. I hope you have fun like me while watching them.

See you tomorrow afternoon when I going to talk about skin care.

Keep Calm
Keep your yes open to sales


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