Take care yourself. Do it yourself (DIY)

Today I am going to talk about the importance to hydrate the body inside out and to clean deeply our skin in order to maintain it young, fresh and with that healthy illuminating that all of we desire. However not only to be beautiful and good care, but to be and feel ourselves health.
In this post we are going to focus on the face care, how we can purifying it and make it younger. But above all, doing with professional style at home, ourselves.

  1. We will need a bottle with one and half litter of potable water, 
  2. and the following products to facial treatment: cleaning cream, 
  3. an exfoliating, 
  4. a facial sauna, 
  5. an illuminating serum anti rides, 
  6. and a moisturizing cream and may be with mote proprieties depending on the demand of our skin.

By passing the time the skin of our body pass through different stages and we must understand that revolution of our metabolism. The face, neck and burst skin are zones of specially and high demand because of its delicate and sensible characteristic. So that we must treat them accordingly to get optimum results. If we take care well of our skin, we will get a smoth, lift and peachy skin like rouse petals.


When wake up in the morning and being fasting we take a glass of water. It helps to activate our body and eliminate toxins. Drinking water has a detox effect. I drink Solan de Cabras because it’s a source of live and been known for providing from medicinal natural spring. That’s my favorite one and in addition the brand has its responsible version giving support to breast cancer investigation. So that drinking that em water makes sense because I am a woman and I like that brands that take care of us.
We are going to take that litter and half of water during that day we make the deep purifying face skin and detox routine. However we must drink that amount daily as a reference for feeling good and having our body well hydrated. It’s recommended to take another glass of water before each one of the four principal meals, another one before going to sleep, and another after making some body activity. 

Good so once we get finished the cleaning and detoxing routine with drinking water we can go to the next personal care of face in 3 steps: deeper cleaning, sauna, hydrating. And smiling!

We can make that kind of deeper purifying and cleaning treatment with facial sauna once a week. The rest of days we can simply clean our face twice a day using a face soap bar like the Clinique one, and after that apply one moisturizing serum. And also it’s highly recommended to have a professional cleaning in a specialized beauty center at least once time in two months or even monthly. They will make a facial massage when finish the cleaning to enlarge its effect. Which will increase the results we try to reach.

One of the places we most taking care of us is in our houses. The first step we are going to to do is cleaning the face with face cleaning cream. I use the balancing mask Pureté from Orlane Paris. I aply it all over the face avoiding eyes border zones and lips. I left it for 10 or 15 minutes and remove softly with a warmth towel.


The second step is to use the facial sauna. I have the Silver Crest that provides two intermediate levels of steam. And also allow to chose the time exposition between 5 and 15 minutes . I do always 15 minutes at middle regulation of power. Using the facial sauna for personal care is basic to open and cleaning the skin pores. However above all it’s very important not to feel burning our skin.
Once we finished the program we dry the face making smoothly touches with a clean towel.


And the third step is exfoliating. For doing that one of my favorite products is the gentle refiner exfoliating cream with microbeads and mimosa tenuiflora extract from Clarins. That left smooth skin and revives it for a brighter.
In that moment we already cleaned deeply our face and the next steps go to moisturizing the skin. I apply the Hidra Beauty micro serum from Chanel. That’s fantastic, quickly absorbed, it lefts the skin hydrated with lightening and the most important, that doesn’t left shining areas over the skin. It’s a kind of product that once you try it you are falling in love with because you feel it cares and pampers skin.
And finally, we can use facial cream according the necessities of our skin. We must have in mind the age of everyone of us, the sun effects, special demands like extra hydration, anti rides treatment, lifting and modeling necessities… I use the Estée Lauder moisturizing cream for my age (32) and normal necessity of hydration.

A trick
: if we apply moisturizing creams at afternoon, when arriving home from office, and after have done the deep cleaning, we will increase the effectiveness of that because its active proprieties work more hours than if just applying before going to bed.

At this time, before lunch, I should take my glass of water to help my liver to processing the meal. Do not forget to take yours!


And still here my weekly beauty ritual post arrives. I do post once a week on Tuesday in Spanish and after posting it’s being translated for you to read too.
I wish it likes you and I look forward to comeback on Thursday (in English on Friday). I have a surprising fashion post!

Have a good and beautiful and renewing day!


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