Love and Art. The Art of falling in love with emerged Spanish fashion

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Falling in love. What else but made the human to be creatives? To love and feel deeper inside a running emotion through all over the body, that pushes tu us to the action.

It’s said that fists impression is what it counts. And today I am going to telling a love history. All began with “the stones dress”, the pashmina as I called. It’s an Art creation made with stones embellishment with African inspiration. I liked it so much that it doesn’t makes me emotion, but com-motioned at the point to wanted it all only for me.
However the owner of its soul didn’t left it to be bought . So that I understood that is The love of its clothe that captivated me and brought me writing the fashion post of this week.
Yesterday I red that late or early things happen. Arrive on time. When it’s the moment people meet themselves, and, split up. And like all things, come and go away. But also leave and come back. Just its necessary to know waiting things happen. And meanwhile take advantage of time…

A mysterious designer run into me on my way. He designed “The stones dress” and the collections of “Divina Coherencia” and “Ngiyakuthanda”. His name is Gabriel Castelló and says that “Divina Coherencia” is a reflection of the little beats in which soul has been broken and I they must be repaired. We have to find something to fight for, to clear up all the pain we bring inside…
During these days I knew the professional trajectory and Gabriel’s creativity. The Valencian young fashion designer it’s 22 age currently. Two years before debuted at Valencia Fashion Week (2014). It’s no necessary saying his age for back then. We are not going to talk about figures today… Isn’t it, Gabriel?
“Ngiyakuthanda” is the collection that contains the Stones Dress, which I fell in love with, which him referred as She… She, that dreams while the others sleep, says Gabriel in it’s Facebook page.
And after having a large interview of two days by Whatsapp and socializing during all the week, the most I understand his creation the most intrigued it lefts me. So like himself says his inspiration are (his) women (or that’s what I say). I say that I understand when describing his conceptual creations. I feel identified with his emotional mood and his definition about the woman who will wear his dresses.
These moods that make us to create and growing up. These that make you crying a star-filled but dark night, before the sun rise and it make us shine again. I think we all go through here at least once in life. Still every pass, time pass, and we recover The inside Pace again (what the designer means with his new collection, Inside).
Gabriel and I coincide in tastes also. His international references are Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. The same like me! And in national level he likes Juan Vidal, the master. One of my favorites too… What crazy love!

It’s deduced from the designer Gabriel his big sensitivity in relation to God treatment that contrasts with religious institutions. At fist sight it seems he refuses religion, however in my opinion he is giving worship to God he sees it. He sees it in women. I am quite more devoted and I see through all creation.
It seems that I am doing a criticism of Contemporary Artist. One of those that exposes to ARCO/ IFEMA, an Art fair what I assist frequently. Of course he deserves his place as an emerge fashion designer at Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week. Or both! As I mentioned at the beginning on the post, all come, all happen. And like he says, all pass.
At the moment Gabriel is working in his pre collection, Ginger. What I am trying to find out is who is she… If she already exists, but nobody knows yet, he says.
Ginger has something to tell us in the immediate future. It’s possible that it sees the light this spring. That’s a pre-collection of a future history, Inside, creation in which he is working yet.
Now I am listening Immortal of La Oreja de Van Gogh, that keeps relation with the sentimental and melancholic tone of the post. And at the same time I remember the words of Pablo Neruda “what short love is, and what large forgetting is”. And I ask myself about that blue stars shining in a high immense night… Is it possible that this little shining bits in the sky were parts of the unique light that once was a huge love?


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