New posting series “Wedding Details”

This weekend we premiered new posting series named “Wedding Details” aimed  to help organizing 2016 weddings as well as assisting in it.

NIKON D610 121Last day I woke up with very good sunrise. The night after I was looking the pictures of my bridal bouquet, which I  don’t have yet because I gave it to my friend, who is going to get married this year. These images made me dream  a revival of that marvelous day, my day. When I woke up I remembered the pleasure I felt some months before doing  all the preparations. And I felt these emotions  again like I did before. Truly is there nothing more pleasant that planning our big day, finding out, smelling and choosing flowers, trying embellished clothes, dresses, accessories, tasting menus, assisting to restaurants invitations, to specialized fairs, tacking pleasure while realizing exclusive beauty treatments, hair style and make up probes…

NIKON D610 233

Choosing a car accordingly to the wedding style and a place to celebrate it, that goes with the history and the concept we want to transfer are also good tasks to attempt. As well as letting to be surprised for new destinations for the wedding journey, liberate our instincts to guide at lingerie shops for that occasion. 

Also decoration the different showing places as the parents house, the church, the lunch salon and the tables. We will choose even the mass songs, the sings, discourses and an amount of things that seem never to be finished in order to prepare our wedding.

I counted with some help to do a few things, but a professional services were been required because they are experts on its areas. 

However there were some things that nobody can make for me and I should use my creativity and my little hands to have it out. I did it by myself because it was impossible to find two items in Spanish markets and shops. I must travel to Paris to had got it. And I haven’t much time yet. There was two complements by Zuhair Murad that made me lose myself in a love falling. They were a gorgeous globes and a bracelet embellished with fine stones… But at then something happened that it requires me to wear a short jacket and I only needed to made myself  the bracelet with strass and Swarovski crystals. 



Today I have the pleasure to communicate you that I am going to dedicate the weekends on “Wedding Details” special posts. In a few days when bronzing February sun starts shining, we can consider it the begging of weddings period. The subject gives by itself to much to comment and to talk from the bridal dress and its complements to  the current season tendencies, passing through  the accessories, shoes, after-party’s dress, jewelry, bags… And also those details that make each wedding different form other because everyone has a unique and irreplaceable concept and how making. There is who wants bridesmaids, who wants marrying at the beach, and even in a rural zone. I did in an authentic medieval castle.

NIKON D610 344

We are in personalized age and there are as much wedding styles as creative mentalities in each woman. So that we are going to approach to these styles and Art creations that make us feel in love with them and like us as a sweet does. We want to show you those things that make the difference for surprising guests in our day. That day must be as special as possible when everyone of feels like the Queen of her kingdom. People will keep their eyes on every detail and even most on the bride…  And after all that effort we  will had make, they would feel able to give their opinions and verdicts about all as they were authentic professionals of the worlds of Art, fashion, gastronomy, life styles, decoration, and conceptual ideas… They do it despite we didn’t ask  them to. So for all of that I am going to treat these themes approaching from professional points of views and designers references in order to offer ideas, tricks, resources, experiences, and tools to help couples and organizing wedding events.

So future marriages, here it starts one of your team wiki g tasks, practicing collaboration and cooperation to attempt that task. Come on! I am with all of you!

Obviously the thematic will be approached from the point of view and necessities is bridegroom. Although in my point of view always under keeping  relation with the hole concept of the wedding and keeps concordance with the bride dress and the celebration’s leith motive.

Also there is no doubt that we will count with all Guests and we are not going to forget anyone! We will provide articles and ideas to be the perfect guest on each kind of wedding. So that she would bring her best wishes to the couple. With all of that, here I want to give good help to all kinds of bridals, couples, guests, that going crime one way or another to assist a wedding during 2016. And I am going to do it with the same illusion as the time I did it for myself. I have the honor to say that in my wedding none detail was missing and neither the good taste and acknowledge of somewhat artistic techniques.

And I must admit that during my preparations I had lack of some kind of resources and samples despite the specialized magazines … Possibly that aimed that kind of extra post when thinking in it. I needed orientation on my personal situation so my case was some kind atopic but also some kind usual. I was 5 months pregnant! But even those I go ahead on my own way following mi instincts and intuition.


The goal of that special edition “Wedding Details” I dedicate the weekends on all kinds of nuptial styles, for stylish couples in order to give several options for varied budgets and different tastes and kinds of couples as well.

Let’s go to start!
The first weekend I presented the fall-winter collection of 2015-16 from Elie Saab. Their dresses are spotlighted for its gorgeous and golden tones lace in general. Although I also selected some broken pink and white dresses and silver too. You can find more colors as blue and green in the website of the designer.

I can still remember as the principal cartoon of Gossip Girl get married with her life love wearing a celestial blue Elie Sasb dress of haute couture. And that style came to settle down and breaking with white traditional one. Maybe mi wedding inspiration started here..,

I left with Elie Saab reviewing collection
and I hope your heart beats as hard as mine while appreciating these Art creations.

See you next Tuesday with beauty tips!


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