Oh my legs!

My Top secret detox and losing weight


I’m happy to communicate to you that I made my fist beauty care video and uploaded to my new YouTube channel.

This video is telling about one of my top secrets of detoxifying my body, to clean the skin and the most important, helping losing weight! 

You only need 500 gr. of marine salt without additives and mix it with 1l. of water. 


You should apply this natural Extra Marine exfoliating formula all over the legs, stomach, abdominal zone, and also to arms and neck if you want. Do it making circles and from bottom to top. In the stomach area, those circles must go on like clock’s needles run.


Let it work during by 10 minutes. During while we will feel the sea effect, but it’s totally normal. After that we remove with warm Mayer carefully and proceed to hidratate the skin.

If you prefer before applying hydration oil as argan, olive or almonds… It can be another step between: depilating the legs if you do with non long lasting method and use wax or so.

 I hope that was useful for all of you and we meet next Thursday with my fashion post!

Thank you for all of your support. I appreciate it so much!


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