Words leave by wind… And skirts too

Is there any other clothe even more feminine than the skirt? Not for me. And I dare to say that for those that like Lady style even we adore it. However sometimes the weather, circumstances or the occasion may force us to choose a jean, a trouser or a short… What doesn’t mind to be far away from that style. On the condition of we follow our hear beating with that gorgeous look as an outcome.

Christian Dior

Today I would like to  talk about the measures of fashion… Of median, I mean tendencies, trends, and, of the rest, what is excluded. No, I didn’t mean to the models’s measures. No. We are not going to enter in this theme. Nor statistics. However it looked like it, isn’t it?! It was a game of words. Actually I want to talk about words. And also from first sight loves and hanging loves that wait to be solved (from the world of the Art of fashion). In this post I am going to make a disertation between the most exclusive clothes in front of the most sold and wore clothes, massively accepted and bought.
In our consumerism society we have reach to the point that all can be costumed. There are brands that encript our name in its products, as is the case of fur bags from Bimba &Lola, to name it one… But that’s mean for me to clone, despite this bags are so cute and I would like to have one mine. And it’s that once I heard a girl saying to a seller “I am not following fashion, I wear what i like”. And certainly she had some kind of reason with her impetus to defend her taste and leaving the seller without any argument for that response. Because everyone in his mind… For the tastes, the colors. However her opinion is the same like those that aim to be free from everything, but actually are slaws of their own desire. Even I can agree with her sentence or opinion until I enter in whatever most popular shops… Where we can only see trends and i feel bored of that monotony. 

A part from that, the same fashion industry have authentic awful staff that are considered fashionable! That doesn’t have anything to see with some kind style or highlighting some part of the silhouette, but there are fashion extravagant clothes that hide us, despite of giving warming, which we can be spotted, not for a good reason. My taste and intuition bring me to wear an stylish jeans above the umbilicus and some touch of classy with a blouse and accessories. I show you the elegant outfit from Givenchi:


In my opinion it’s better to talk about the styles
rather than the trends because the first ones stay static like the facts, and other ones changes like words left by wind.

We can have our own style or just feel comfortable with one style. Or maybe we can vary from styles, because we fit well and pleasant with them, our favorites. In this case we all have in mind the points of every style and are sure about its keys. Consequently we choose the better option accordingly to the occasion, the weather and our mood. Who is in that position has very good look so there is existing more probabilities to success in our outfit of the day.
Now I will tell you something about my favorites kind of styles and the options that I choose in every one.

I like the Lady style, so in first place I must feel myself in Lady mood. Then the essentials are skirts with fullness, pleated, with tube form or the shape that help our silhouette better; cocktail dresses, fine ropes like jacquard, silk, techno… I put on a chic blouse, combined perfectly with one hand bag, pumps, sandals, tights if so, my jacket, and playing with accessories like some kerchief or hair accessory.








Red Valentino




The handbag is the essential in this look
, I would chose one of small or medium size like this one, the Lady Dior, to name my favorite.


One important requirement of that style is having that personality from the base or us and also to have a Lady life style, accordingly. To assist an events, special parties, go out wit our friends at evenings and having lucid opportunities to show that look. Because in another way we aren’t wearing according to the context.
Let’s to imagine that we put our pearl necklaces, our skirt with fullness, we make up, we do a lovely upsweep on head as Audry Hepburn looks… To go down for buying bread, and we take a cup of coffee in the same bakery.


On the other hand I feel my soul melted for Vintage style. And who doesn’t? It’s timeless and doesn’t disappoint anyone, if we choose correctly the clothes and the event to assist in with. There are much brands that make this style like Catherina Malandrino, Marchesa or Alberta Ferreti, that are some of my references.


Catherine Melandrino


Catherine Melandrino


Catherine Melandrino


Catherine Melandrino


Catherine Melandrino


Catherine Melandrino


Alberta Ferreti


Catherine Melandrino


Another style that always works well with me this is the classic one. With it I discard that horrible trendy of grunge style, that consist to wear the jeans as broken as possible to the point that they hold on by a few thin chords over the knee and leg. I don’t like that level of the style. Even the style probably. I think it have lack is elegance. The same that happens with going almost naked at street. In my opinion the dresses, the Art of Fashion is a subtitle way of transmission erotism and feminine. According to Carolina Herrera, that’s no fashion. When was been asked about Alexa Chung’s transparent dress in an outfit… The designer says that those kinds of clothes are the outcome of the marketing and sales goals of the designers aimed by themselves. So that Carolina and I coincide with the way we see and feel the fashion, as Art creations. A classic style but also elegant is the following options bellow. I start with black dress from Lovely Lace Óscar de la Renta’s collection. And the following dresses are from Alberta Ferreti.


The Lady, Preppy and Holyghtly styles are all a true love dream. Those loves that make us talk and talk about. For which every day we name it, we chat with friends about how we are going to get them, we plan wherever we have to go in order to see, meet and finally buy them. We even ask to the Magic Kings… Yes! Those words that keep standing on the air until the first wind take away with it. However here I make a compilation of options to remember those lives that go and come, and always will be there!


Chistian Dior


Óscar de la Renta


Catherine Melandrino


Cynthia Steffy




In conclusion, trends go away like words leave with wind. And styles are so static that even an hurricane could move them like the facts. 

By the way, when I say skirts fly too… Don’t you have in mind an image of Marilyn Monroe at the underground exit?


And to finish the post just to glance over the past about the masculine role in front of the feminine. Before there were existed the concept that a woman needed a man like Holly Golightly... The girl had a spendaholic personality. She has innocence, was sweet, ambitious and astute. She wanted to marry with an older man that could paid a dinner and something else… Such as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but with roles some kind inverted.

Nowadays women are and must be what men need
… But, even in that case, don’t you still feeling in love with those lost words…?


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