Wedding Details:: The best bride dresses of Instagram 



























This special “Wedding Details” it’s a  show of the most awesome bridal dresses from Instagram.

In front of that grace, words aren’t need to much. The dresses by themselves tell whatever I could say and even better than me. They are sculptures made with ropes. What I can realize is that cues are pondering in those options. There are some large and opened like the piackock cue, other like siren, embellished with  different textures and volume. There are also A shape dresses with much volume and large falling ropes. We spotlight layers overall and smoothly effects of the padded, bent flounces that invites to be touched.

We put our eyes on details such as stone embellishments, laces, and hand embroidered finishing touches. We desire to be wrapped by them! 

A few words more to add because we don’t get tired to look them once and once and… I wish to celebrate my wedding twice. Next time I would wear on of these spectacular and gorgeous white bridal dresses.

Despite the classic of white, writing this post I realized the significance of white. It’s the amount of all colors. The outcome, technically it’s neutral (color), what it turns into an eternity. For that reason it’s in our culture the symbol of marrying due to  its pure, divine and eternal lightening.

And as the Katie Melua’s song,  “No fear of heights ”, when we marry with our love one and we can say:

 “When you give me love I have no fear… No fear of heights… No fear of the fall… If it’s with you that I fall… Because nothing could break us now…”

We feel we deserve one of those dresses

Truly with love,



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