[Fashion- the outfit of the day] Lady in red. Instinto animal

Having passed Valentine’s Day and a week to enter a new month, the spring feeling is the inspiration outsourcing when sun shines despite the cold out side there!

We all make the connection with red color and the spring. When I say “we” I talk in the name of fashion industry and the consumers society. Shops are already colorful and fields step by step turn into whites, red and pink and labanda tones accordingly to the flowers blossom nature’s schechule. Red is fashionable during this period.

Today I am feeling such as that mood and I make up my outfit with youthfulness red -like Kandinsky says in her book of Colors Analític- but with Lady style and mixed it all with some prints that reflect my animal instinct.


Like a panther I do my own catwalk for  Seu Vella Cathedral. I amb the Lady in Red. I feel strong, but not aggressive; smart but not arrogant; mysterious but not dare.


The perfect color combination that announces the spring is coming: scarlet red, pure white, and implacable black.


In my outfit I wear red laced sandals ss16 and red coat from Mango. Animal print scarf and wallet from Bimba & Lola. A black hat and a zebra printed collar from DayaDay and the black scalf leather from Cynthia boutique. 

My makeup is all from Chanel and I would make the spotlight on the lips, where I apply the rouge alloure tone.

Rouge kisses!!


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